Japan Updates

Yokohama to host World Meeting on Sexual Medicine

Japan’s second largest city, Yokohama, will host the 22nd World Meeting of the International Society for Sexual Medicine (WMSM) in 2020 following a successful bid by the Yokohama Convention & Visitors Bureau and local partners.

More than 1,200 delegates are expected to attend the four-day conference at PACIFICO Yokohama in September (16-19) with a goal of advancing research in the field of sexual dysfunction as well as the advancement and dissemination of related studies. This is the first time the conference will be held in Japan.              

WMSM 2020 chair, professor Koichi Nagao, director of the Reproduction Center at the Toho University Omori Medical Center, hopes the conference will address Japan’s low fertility rates and shrinking population.           

“As many of you know, the population of Japan has been steadily decreasing, and we hope that further development and application of sexual medicine will help address this problem.

“We look forward to a highly productive meeting in three years and hope that everyone present at this historic gathering will be better equipped to address the many challenges of our generation.”