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SingEx launches new venture to spur event innovation

New joint venture with Unbound aims to deliver new event platforms and festival concepts. 

SingEx and UK-based events group, Unbound, have entered into a joint venture agreement to launch a new business: SingEx Unbound Innovations International.

The new business will enable Unbound, an award-winning events platform that connects corporates and governments with grassroots innovation and start-ups, to expand its global event series across Asia and scale its innovation advisory arm.  The new company will be helmed by CEO-designate, Daniel Seal, the current founder & CEO of Unbound Innovations.

“Since our launch in 2013, Unbound has rapidly developed into one of the world’s most recognised platforms for connecting innovators and businesses,” Seal said. “Digital transformation is currently at the forefront of corporate strategies as companies adapt their business models to stay relevant in the age of disruption.”

In addition, the investment by SingEx will enable Unbound to double its existing operations, expand into new markets and deliver events that promote innovation to drive digital transformation around the world. The investment will help the new company reach promote its digital innovation agenda.

“By combining SingEx’s expertise in events development and strength in networks with Unbound’s event DNA on developing innovation platforms, we will offer enterprises festival-like events where they will seek new and varied ideas and opportunities for their business growth,” SingEx Holdings CEO, Aloysius Arlando, said.

“Together, we will strengthen our role as an enabler for the Future Economy by enhancing our access to capabilities and networks to key technology hubs and ecosystems globally. This will in turn foster greater connections with government and private organisations as well as digital communities.”