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STB expands Passion Made Possible agenda

Storytelling campaign deepens narrative to inspire broader audience connections.

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has launched the second phase of its Passion Made Possible global campaign, adding three more of its ‘Passion Tribes’ concept to its four existing tribes, namely Foodie, Collector, Explorer and Progressor. The new strategy comprises Culture Shaper, Socialiser and Action Seeker.

STB believes that by working with 80 home-grown talents across a broad spectrum of expertise, its storytelling approach will help brands identify similar attributes they can associate with, build emotional connections and elevate trade engagement activities.

Acting chief executive, STB, Melissa Ow, shared one such example, where the Energy Market Authority and the Agency for Science, Technology and Research was able to incorporate elements of the Passion Made Possible brand into their corporate and marketing assets for business events such as the Singapore International Energy Week 2018.

“Such efforts not only enable the brand to be shared with a wider audience, it also adds to the wealth of stories that personify the brand,” says Ow.

The Passion Made Possible campaign was first launched in August last year as a ‘unified’ brand that STB and other statutory boards and agencies under the Ministry of Trade and Industry adopt when reaching out to international audiences.

Supporting local talents

Going beyond standard destination offerings of what visitors can see, do and experience, STB hopes visitors can identify ‘who’ they can be in Singapore.

The new strategy will tell stories of grit, determination and passion through films and event appearances of its local talents, including popular singer-songwriter Nathan Hartono, contemporary artist Jahan Loh, indoor skydiver Kyra Poh, and Native’s mixologist Vijay Mudaliar, among others.

Paying tribute to the local creative talents behind the scenes, STB will co-create two films for the Culture Shaper and Socialiser tribes with film directors Wee Li Lin and Jacky Lee, who will helm conceptualisation and creation. Earlier films were created as part of the brand launch led by STB and creative agency TBWA.

STB will bring to life its new campaign through a series of local collaborative initiatives and brand ‘activations’ in 16 overseas markets during the next few months, starting with Australia and Malaysia.

Activities include bringing art, music and culture to overseas audiences. This includes winning a trip to Singapore by taking part in sing-offs in Philippines and Korea, appreciating the works of local artists at pop-up art showcases featuring augmented reality technology in Russia, Myanmar and India. Other activities include dancing through the night at invite-only parties in markets such as Vietnam and China.