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Creative Travel responds to Kashmir crisis

Following a series of military attacks in Kashmir this week, industry leader says India remains safe and open for business.

Tensions between India and Pakistan escalated this week following the downing of two Indian military jets and a militant attack in Kashmir that saw at least 40 Indian troops killed.

Amid rising safety concerns, leading Indian DMC, Creative Travel, shared an ‘on the ground’ update with industry partners this week, insisting India remains a safe place to visit and that it’s “business as usual”.

In an email shared on Tuesday 27 February, Creative Travel joint managing director and previous SITE president, Rajeev Kohli stated:

Early yesterday morning [26 February], India sent in the air force to eradicate a major terrorist camp in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK). This was in reaction to a terrorist attack on a security contingent in Kashmir two weeks ago. India has long stated that Pakistan is a state sponsor of Kashmiri separatists in India, a fact that has been proven multiple times at world forums like the UN, EU, OIS and others.

The mission has been supported by the West and other Indian supporters as our right to defend our nation. It has been clearly stated that India took out a terrorist camp and no civilian or military targets in Pakistan (POK) were touched or ever targeted. This was simply an anti-terrorist operation.

As expected, in response the rhetoric from across the border is up and there is a lot of noise. This is not the first time the two countries have upped the ante. Like all modern nations, we have defended ourselves and retain the right to do so. Very much like the US, Israel and others have done when under threat.

There is also a lot of misinformation and ‘fake news’ being spread, which is unfortunately a common phenomenon now all over the world. We do not see any immediate sense of concern at this stage and will keep you posted if something happens.

As always, we at Creative Travel & JungleSutra Wildlife Journeys put our guest safety above all else. If at any point we find any reason to amend anyone’s journeys, you will hear from us immediately.

As of now, it’s business as usual.