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Brisbane’s Trailblazer Grant pays dividends

Queensland capital secures International Peptide Symposium as a direct result of bold new grant programme.

Brisbane will welcome the International Peptide Symposium in 2021. The major win is a direct result of Brisbane Lord Mayor’s Convention Trailblazer Grant, which saw local scientists Dr Christina Schroeder and Dr Johan Rosengren travel to the 2018 International Symposium in Kyoto and actively promote Brisbane.

Schroeder and Rosengren then became the main drivers behind the successful bid to bring the symposium to Brisbane, working in collaboration with the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre (BCEC), Brisbane Marketing and Tourism & Events Queensland.

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk says securing the Symposium for the first time demonstrated the value of the Convention Trailblazer Grant.

“Through the Lord Mayor’s Convention Trailblazer Grant, Dr Schroeder and Dr Rosengren were able to raise awareness of their research, network with leading minds and successfully advocate for Brisbane as a global conventions city,” Cr Quirk says.

“This important symposium will deliver an economic boost of more than AU$2 million, showcase Brisbane’s local expertise and facilitate collaboration in the field.”

BCEC will host the five-day event in 2021

Rosengren said the symposium will cover a broad range of topics in peptide science, attracting the world’s leading researchers and scientists in the field.

“The field of peptide science has rapidly matured in Australia with the sector outstripping other types of drug research, with scientists in Brisbane leading the way, focussing on the areas of bio pesticides and drug design.

“This event is a unique opportunity to showcase local research and provide a global platform for the exchange of science and knowledge and the opportunity for research growth and investment in the sector.”

Both Dr Schroeder and Dr Rosengren are on the Executive Committee of the Australian Peptide Symposium (APA), the host association for the 2021 meeting.

A first time event for Brisbane, the five-day symposium is expected to attract more than 600 delegates from the United Kingdom, Europe, America, Asia and Australia.