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HKCEC wins UFI Sustainable Development Award 2019

The centre’s ‘Think Before Plastic’ initiative engaged event organisers, exhibitors and local community groups.

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre Management Limited (HML), the management company responsible for the daily operation of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC), has won the UFI Sustainable Development Award 2019 for its environmental initiative, ‘Think Before Plastic’. 

This year’s UFI Sustainable Development Award focused on communication; recognising effective and innovative communications strategies that successfully engaged the target audience and led to provable changes in behaviour towards environmental protection. 

Under the Think Before Plastic initiative, HML successfully eliminated the use of 883,000 pieces of disposable plastic cutlery, 176,500 disposable plastic straws and 67,100 disposable plastic meal boxes within the first six months, after the campaign launch in July 2018.

An extensive communication campaign was conducted to engage event organisers, exhibitors, contractors, visitors and restaurant guests, including an animated video that reached more than 220,000 Facebook users.  A creative competition for neighbouring school students was organised to further promote a plastic-less lifestyle.

HML managing director, Monica Lee-Müller (pictured) said: “Sustainability is one of HML’s guiding principles. HML strives to be at the forefront of a greener event industry. We are proud to have taken this bold step forward and are delighted for the achievements that we have accomplished together with staff members and stakeholders.

“Receiving the UFI Sustainable Development Award from the world’s leading industry association is a strong endorsement of our commitment to environmental protection, and recognition of our effective communication campaign on disposable plastic reduction. This encourages us to continue our efforts. I’d like to call upon all in the exhibition industry to play an active role and make a greater impact together.”