What leadership means to me

Belle Laide Events GM, Rosie Campo, says ‘being human’ is key to the making of a manager. 

I recently read an article that defined leadership as the art of motivating a group of people to act towards achieving a common goal. This defines the essence of my role at Belle Laide Events (BLE). When I was promoted to general manager at the age of 29, my personal objective was to motivate and guide staff with a strong focus on the daily operations and overall sustainability of the business.

Having worked my way up the ladder with 12 years of experience producing events, I always keep in mind what I am asking of my colleagues. You will often find me in the trenches with them — happy to have the difficult conversations, work the long hours and get my hands dirty. Remembering where you have come from and what it takes is important. We will never stop learning or growing from those around us and true leadership can only be achieved with mutual respect, which can only be earned over time.

Motivation comes from teamwork, support and most importantly ‘being human’. So at BLE, that’s what we do — we come together, we divide and conquer, we support one another and we do it with a whole lot of laughs. Inspirational motivation has an ability to cultivate confidence and longevity.

Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

Having started my career at the eager age of 17, my motivation stemmed from things that fuelled me from the inside. Mine was a burning passion for creating seamless events, where all the hard work and problem solving came together to deliver a beautiful masterpiece that provided clients and their guests with enjoyment. Teamwork and establishing relationships were the pinnacle of this.

For any aspiring young professional, my advice would be, find your spark and let this drive you forward. No one can ever teach you motivation and passion, so stand out, have the confidence to back yourself and don’t fear failure; learn from it.

Never underestimate the value of teamwork. At BLE, we are more than the sum of our parts — our team works with quality suppliers and we maintain sound relationships with our clients. With ever-increasing expectations, tight deadlines and challenging stakeholders, the only way to deliver success is to work together as one team. Throughout my five years at BLE and in the last month alone, being part of the team has been an absolute inspiration. Recently, BLE successfully delivered the Daydream Island Resort launch and the Adobe Symposium for 4,000 pax. Both events were laced with unique ideas and challenging logistical requirements but were delivered by a group of sound professionals that used their expertise to work together to pull off an amazing feat.

Despite being a small, busy team with large projects to manage and tight deadlines to meet, the BLE team carves out time (sometimes their own) to help give back to the industry. Time limitations mean we can’t do or attend everything, so we’ve focused on training the next generation of event professionals.

Based in Sydney, Rosie Campo is general manager at Belle Laide Events.