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Royal Paragon Hall commits to green meetings

Bangkok venue recognised as first carbon-neutral venue in Thailand.

Royal Paragon Hall in Bangkok continues its commitment to offer a sustainable and environmentally-conscious venue option for event organisers in Thailand, and the efforts are paying off.

It has been recognised as the first carbon neutral venue in Thailand with an international ISO 20121:2012 event sustainability management system certification.

Talun Theng, managing director of the Royal Paragon Hall, says: “The Royal Paragon Hall has always emphasised sustainable development.”

He adds: “Global warming is a highlighted concern this year and through the Carbon Footprint Assessment Plan (which measures the amount of greenhouse gas emissions from electricity usage, refrigerants in air conditioners, etc.), we have come up with management guidelines for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, as well as ways to offset the emissions, namely by purchasing carbon credits.

“In this way, the Royal Paragon Hall has pioneered this eco-friendly mission and become the first carbon neutral venue in Thailand.”

The venue encourages event attendees to travel by public transport, recycles decorative materials, reduces waste from events, installs LED lamps to reduce electrical power usage, and cuts back on paper and plastic.

“Our mission is to be a responsible organisation on this planet which is currently experiencing a global warming crisis. We identify which of our activities have the most greenhouse gas emissions, and manage a plan to reduce them. For the small amount of greenhouse gas emissions we still produce, we purchase carbon credits to offset them,” says Theng.

He adds: “These measures help us do our part to help the planet and, as a business, they also help to reduce overall costs. We have reduced the use of table covers and chairs, and even saved 41 per cent in laundry costs in 2018 compared to 2017.”

Royal Paragon Hall’s environmentally-friendly practices have also gained the attention of the Stock Exchange of Thailand, which is running the Care the Bear campaign to encourage companies to be more eco-conscious. The venue’s effort of reducing its carbon footprint by more than 20,000 kg Co2e is the equivalent to planting more than 3,000 large trees.