KNOWLEDGE: Communications in Uncertainty

This 14-minute video summary is suitable for communications professionals who are looking to adapt their communications strategies during uncertain times.

Conversations with the BEA Community prior to the webinar indicated that getting the right brand message across in a timely manner can become daunting when the business and events landscape is decidedly ambiguous during a pandemic.

Some people get overwhelmed by the influx of information from various mediums and platforms, causing fatigue in their cognitive processing capabilities.

At the same time, communications and public relations professionals face immense pressure balancing content depth and schedules.

We collaborated with SITE Thailand to bring together communications professionals Felicity Zadro (a BEA INFLUENCER), Karen Yue and El Kwang for a conversation about effective approaches to building strategies and relationships with the media.

BEA KNOWLEDGE : 14-minute Summary on Communications in Uncertainty SITE Talk Webinar by SITE Thailand.

Below is the full 90-minute SITE Talk Webinar by SITE Thailand hosted on Friday, 29 May 2020 for 230 participants based across 45 cities. The SITE Talk Webinar series is supported by Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau. More knowledge on a global level is available via https://www.siteglobal.com/

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