Osaka releases infectious disease control guidelines for event organisers

Guidelines were formulated under the guidance of infectious disease experts with the underlying message that the meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions (MICE) industry is key to rebuilding economies, a position held fervently by Osaka’s government leaders.

The Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau, with consensus from the Osaka prefectural and city governments, has taken various factors into consideration, including government policies, the voices of MICE industry partners, the precedent of other industries, and the resumption of activities around the world to formulate these guidelines. These help event organisers to mitigate infection risk and provide recommendations on operations management.

Items to implement pre-event include the development of policies and structures for infectious disease control, collaborative preparation with venues and associate companies, and spreading awareness to event attendees.

Items to implement during the event (including set-up and teardown) range from denying entry to those who are unwell and maintaining a hygienic environment to preventing closed/crowded spaces.

For the full checklist, download the PDF document here. The guideline includes illustrations on layout examples and information on the support and services that the Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau can provide.

Featured image by Koi Visuals on Unsplash