Virtual Event Readiness (Part 1) – Chan Wee Teck, VP of PICO

As part of a three-video series on Virtual Event Readiness, this 13-minute video is suitable for event professionals who seek to leverage technology to enhance event experiences.

BEA speaks with Singaporean talent and VP of PICO, Chan Wee Teckon the art of experiential event marketing experiences that leverage technology. Chan shares insights on how PICO successfully helped customers through their digital transformation journey. Chan also reveals the type of customers who are ready to adopt and implement virtual and hybrid event formats. 

Not all technologies are created equal, and the plethora of solutions out there can cause confusion. The interview sheds light on four areas event professionals should consider when investing in the right technology.  

Chan also explains why it is crucial not to focus on traditional demographic segmentation like age group and location, but by what data points are relevant today. Event strategists should balance content with context to achieve the desired engagement outcomes as audience attention span continues to diminish.

To meet event ROI, companies must centre event and engagement strategies besides event operations excellence. Understanding why a brand is connecting with its target audience sets the tone for event strategies that yield success. 

Singapore is virtual-event ready. Watch the video and delve into the details that could make a difference in your next event.  

VP of PICO, Chan Wee Teck, talks about the art of experiential marketing event experiences that leverage technology.

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