COLLABORATION : Asia’s perspectives matter

Despite the Events Industry Council’s 2018 Global Economic Significance of Business Events study that valued the business events industry’s contribution to the global economy at USD1.5 trillion, the industry struggled to get the government’s attention at the height of COVID-19.

Asia remains under-represented across business event industry surveys in the marketplace. Since March 2020, the Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) has been conducting industry-wide surveys fortnightly amongst the global business events community to document and analyse the growing impact that COVID-19 has on the sector. However, only seven per cent of buyers and five per cent of suppliers from Asia Pacific have responded to the PCMA COVID-19 Recovery Dashboard Research so far.

“We all need to get an accurate picture of what is occurring, so we can then collectively determine recovery strategies for planners and suppliers going forward,” says Karen Bolinger, Managing Director of PCMA APAC.

BEA has collaborated with PCMA to garner stronger representation, particularly from the Asia region, because we believe Asia’s perspectives matter. El Kwang, Founder and Chief Explorer of BEA, believes that for industry associations like PCMA and respective local governments to respect the business events industry, it is time Asia speaks up, so solutions and support can be tailored to our region’s needs.

Watch this video interview where Karen Bolinger shares the importance of supporting communities and how quality data will help the business events industry while we are COVID-transitioning.

“I encourage everyone to put 10 minutes aside to take part in this survey as we will all benefit from deeper insights,” said Ms Bolinger. 

The COVID-19 Recovery Dashboard survey was released on Wednesday, 1 July, and will be open for seven days, closing on 7 July 2020. 

The survey is accessible via https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/8WNTXPN.

Previous survey results can be viewed at https://www.pcma.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/pcma-convene-covid19-survey-p5d3.pdf.

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