GlobalSign.in launches GEVME Live, the one-stop solution for digital events

Integrated with their GEVME platform, GEVME Live is a fully customisable, secure platform for hosting, marketing and monetising digital events, conferences and exhibitions.

Leading events technology provider GlobalSign.in today announced the launch of GEVME Live, a secure platform built from the ground up for digital events. With integration into GlobalSign.in’s GEVME platform for events management, a fully-customisable events homepage, and robust security measures, GEVME Live enables event organisers and event owners to host, market and monetise digital events at any scale, providing essential support throughout the full lifecycle of their digital events, without compromising on the security, interactivity and standing of in-person events.

“As we spend more time alone and at home, people worldwide are rethinking how they meet. Social gatherings are changing. With GEVME Live, we want to rethink how we host events and unleash the full potential of what digital events have to offer. To that end, we have built a platform that condenses what offline events have to offer to something that is accessible at your fingertips, with the in-depth analytical insights and flexibility digital platforms are able to deliver,” said Veemal Gungadin, founder & CEO of GlobalSign.in.

More than just video conferencing

Enterprises are fast-tracking the digital transformation, and more businesses are looking into online alternatives for typically offline events. However, there is more to digital events than tuning into a livestream feed — branding, networking opportunities and revenue generation are integral elements to offline events.

GEVME Live was built with the needs of event organisers in mind, providing enterprises with the full suite of tools needed to host professional and polished digital events. In a single, mobile-responsive event webpage, attendees will be able to access specific streams, join meetings and network with other attendees via interactive features, download shared content and have an overview of the entire event — all by logging in once, and without having to download anything. This webpage is fully customisable by the event administrators, who can make event pages their own by adding third-party widgets, agenda with details of speakers, and personalised content and branding.

GEVME Live comes in-built with its own in-house video platform, allowing hosts to broadcast video feeds without worrying about compatibility with browsers or operating systems. It also integrates with most popular video platforms — including but not limited to Zoom, WebEx, Vimeo, Facebook Live and YouTube Live — allowing event administrators to easily embed live videos from any platform of their choice. Live videos are recorded, and event pages automatically become hosts to the recording when the event closes. This enables attendees to easily re-watch and re-share event videos on-demand, keeping engagement going even post-event.

In addition, GEVME Live has extensive security measures in place to prevent the hijacking of events and livestreams. Event pages are secured, with access restricted to only registered attendees. To verify the identity of each attendee, attendees are required to key in a one-time password, sent to them via email or SMS. Moderation and access control tools ensure that event administrators can actively guard against disruptive behaviour, even while the event is in full swing.

All these features can be accessed via a centralised admin console, giving event organisers a fuss-free way to manage their events and attendees, and access comprehensive reports, right at their fingertips. Integration with the core GEVME platform also gives event organisers access to the full suite of event management tools they would have with physical events, such as: online registration; online ticketing for paid events; email marketing; seating management; and, pre- and post-event surveys.

The future of exhibitions with the Online Live Marketplace

Beyond webinars and networking events, GEVME Live’s Online Live Marketplace augments physical exhibitions, by taking them online. These live virtual events allow exhibitors to drive leads and generate sales as they would during physical exhibitions – but without the physical limitations of geographic location or time zones.

From the comfort of their offices or homes, exhibitors can set up an online marketplace with product listings, host virtual runway shows or events, and communicate with their visitors. During live events, visitors will have direct live access to the exhibitor’s LivePage: a customisable central hub for the exhibitor, with widgets such as livestream video feeds, live chats, product catalogues and brochures. The built-in dashboard also grants exhibitors easy access to sales data and history — making a one-stop solution for virtual or hybrid exhibitions.

Supporting enterprises through the digital transition

For many businesses, this may be their first foray into large-scale digital events. To support them through this tricky transition, GlobalSign.in is offering its expertise to businesses looking to host online events. To ensure your event is a success, their team of experts will available to assist you at every stage of your event, and will lend their expertise in:

·         Setting up and customising the platform

·         Audio & video mixing

·         Software & hardware set-up

·         Live engagement and moderation

·         Recording of sessions, and much more

“Digital events look to be the next normal, but they are still a new frontier. We want to educate businesses and event organisers about the full range of opportunities that digital events have to offer and show them that they are not losing out by taking their events online. GEVME Live enables event organisers to host high-quality, high-value events — and with our team of experts taking care of the setup, they can be assured their events are the best they can be, with as little fuss as possible,” added Gungadin.