The future is bright for Singapore, says Ong Wee Min

In this episode of BEA conversations, we speak to Ong Wee Min, Vice President of Conventions and Exhibitions, Marina Bay Sands, on the future of Singapore. He assures, “It’s bright.”

Singapore’s strong BTMICE ecosystem and its approach to managing COVID-19 continue to give confidence to a swift recovery. Ong tells us that our industry is the platform for face-to-face business and knowledge transactions, which will create the need to travel.

Being an active part of industry associations like PCMA and SACEOS fosters connections. Throughout the pandemic, Ong saw event organisers share best practices, gain new knowledge and forge collaboration. “Be part of the industry, not just the business process”, an advice Ong received earlier in his career that saw him gain meaningful friendships and connections across the globe.

Watch the five-minute video interview with Ong Wee Min below.

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Featured photo credits: Marina Bay Sands

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