Virtual Event Readiness (Part 3) – Li Hong of Sino Elite

As part of a three-video series on Virtual Event Readiness, this seven-minute video is beneficial for event professionals who want to create engaging and memorable virtual event experiences for the Chinese market.

In part three, Li Hong, Director of Sino Elite shares insights on how to engage this important demographic during virtual events, their expectations, and how the ubiquitous smartphone plays a part in every Chinese business event.

“Since experiencing COVID-19, Chinese audiences are more likely to join an online event than a traditional face-to-face event,” Li Hong tells us inside a meeting room at Mandarin Oriental, Singapore, where his company managed a virtual event that week. Understanding cultural behaviour is important, as Li Hong highlights how every Chinese uses their own WeChat account instead of emails to communicate and do business.

With an array of livestreaming platforms available, Li Hong elaborates on the requirement needed to reach audiences wherever they are, and the importance of quality production. He also shares ideas on how to integrate interactive sections during livestreaming events, and the success they’ve seen for organising virtual events.

Singapore is virtual-event ready. Watch the below video and find out how you could make a difference in your next virtual event.  

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