#WomenSupportingWomen : The next generation

A member of the SITE International Board of Directors and Director of Business Development at MEP Turkey, Eda Özden brought to our attention where the #womensupportingwomen that caused the rapid spread of the social media campaign globally originated. Since gaining that awareness, we, at BEA, support the vision of the Istanbul Convention – to prevent and combat violence against women and domestic violence, and will commit to publishing conversations that promote the empowerment of women.

Özden expands the conversation with BEA with insights to some of the challenges she faced when joining the business events industry as a young professional. She explains how her growth journey sparked her passion for the SITE Young Leaders initiative.

Day in day out, society expects young women to balance the demands of work and life with the plethora of discrimination they face, with grace. Whether it is embracing the fear of being misunderstood or managing social expectations, Özden pushes for women to have open conversations on what makes women feel uncomfortable.

“Women should not undermine themselves through excuses. Instead, they should be empowered to ask for or create a safe environment for growth”, says Özden.   Özden believes that an effective way to stamp out bullying is to stand up for ourselves and not to wait for others to do that for us. Offering people feedback could often change negative situations into positive ones. BEA cannot agree more with Özden.

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