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#WomenSupportingWomen : Nurturing towards the right path

When members of the BEA Community voted for Anthea Tan, Director of Sales, Marina Bay Sands, to speak on the topic of #WomenSupportingWomen, we gladly obliged. Filmed at the newly launched Hybrid Broadcast Studio, she shares why women supporting women is a crucial aspect in every woman’s career journey.

Interview filmed and conducted at the newly launched Hybrid Broadcast Studio.

Tan’s years of experience working with and being mentored by other women in the MICE industry have allowed her to empathise and understand the challenges and obstacles that others go through. She describes her approach to mentorship and what she believes it should be: nurturing with trust and honesty for the well-being and interest of the mentee at heart without personal agenda.

In an industry that faces a wide gap of women in leadership, Tan thinks it is important to create a safe environment that really promotes opportunities for women and women in leadership. Already, many businesses and industries are waking up to the reality that women in leadership not only bring important benefits, but that they are an absolutely invaluable and irreplaceable resource in the office, in the boardroom, and at the head of the table.

When asked for her advice for young women entering, or just entered the MICE industry, she says, “Do not be afraid to speak up. I hope more women can believe in themselves that they can speak up and contribute to any problem-solving situation; have confidence that their input is valuable too. I believe that is one of the fundamental steps to a mindset growth as a woman working in the MICE industry.”

#WomenSupportingWomen – Anthea Tan of Marina Bay Sands

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