#WomenSupportingWomen : Through fear and uncertainty

To most event planners, knowing what lies ahead in the coming months or years brings about a certain measure of assuredness and comfort to them. With the profound disruption of the travel and events sector, fear and uncertainty of the future have become recurring themes among industry professionals.

As an event solutions specialist and mother of two beautiful children, Marine Debatte, Incentivist at Experience All, shares with us how her supportive network of peers, friends and family have guided her through this tough period, and encourages others to speak up when the going gets rough.

“For once, I let go a little bit of that perfect image I’ve been trying to give and just be real and say, ‘I’m not doing great, I’m having a really hard time, and this is a bad day for me.’ In a way, doing this got me closer to people because we’re all riding out this storm together,” says Debatte.

Although more people are experiencing layoffs and involuntary furloughs this year, Debatte points out that it is also important to consider the pressures that survivor guilt can bring. Some women become afraid of going on maternity leave, while others strain to prove their value further in the company. Such stress can take a toll on physical and mental health. Morale may suffer, and productivity affected.

Debatte believes that more kindness and empathy are needed in the community, and continued conversations about how we can help each other will go a long way to help the society progress. “If there’s any lesson we’ve learnt so far, it is that we are stronger together.”

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