KNOWLEDGE SERIES: The Future of Work (Part 2) – Transferable skills

The Q2 2020 results are out, and it’s adding another layer of fear and uncertainty to the hospitality and business events industry. Will we be seeing another layer of retrenchment over the next few months? And if so, will women be in a more disadvantaged position throughout this crisis, and how can women support other women going through this process?

We speak to Kerry Healy, VP Sales – Asia Pacific at Accor about the transferable skills needed to survive this confronting period. Healy provides tips on how to identify such skills (good news, everyone has them) and how we can use them to our advantage. She also tells us the approach that individuals and companies can take to manage uncertain and precarious situations.

For those looking to enter a new industry, Healy believes it is important for women to draw support from their network. “I do believe that you are going to need your network to help you, whether it is hearing the hard truth or identifying a gap in skillset, because there will be some skills that will transfer very nicely and there will be some gaps. We have to accept that if we were to change industry, we may need to do some relearning,” she says.

Patience is key when adjusting to a new industry. Healy advises others to be prepared to feel out of depth and accept that their career can be going sideways or even a step back in the first year or so. “Embrace the whole new environment and the journey to reinvention and relearning. Be open and committed to the journey.”

KNOWLEDGE SERIES: The Future of Work (Part 2) – Kerry Healy of Accor on Transferable Skills

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