#WomenSupportingWomen: Fostering an encouraging environment without fear

There is power in collaboration when women uplift and support other women trying to rise up into leadership roles, as Jennifer Glynn, Managing Director of Meeting Encore and President for the Society for Incentive Travel Excellence (SITE) tells us.

Her research project on how to get women to move to the next level when she did her Masters in Leadership gave us a better understanding and a unique perspective on what we can do as an industry to help them grow in their career.

Glynn also shares with us how she fosters empowerment in the workplace and the importance of building a safe environment that allows women to make their voices heard, to share their ideas and take risks without fear. “It is providing the opportunity for them to make decisions and think for themselves. That’s how you create future leaders of the industry. It is allowing them to make mistakes and learn from it,” she says.

#WomenSupportingWomen : Fostering an encouraging environment without fear. Jennifer Glynn

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