#WomenSupportingWomen: Building trust and navigating difficult conversations

In this episode of BEA CONVERSATIONS, we speak to Kate Sibbett to talk about establishing a trusting environment where women can support women in the workplace. With companies wanting more for less these days, Sibbett uses the key learnings from her experience as an event planner and team leader to share how to empower others, the different work relationships, and her core values to building trust in the workplace even under pressure.

“I think in business, it’s tough anyway. A woman walks into a room and nine out of 10 it is still very male-dominated in a lot of industries and she’s already got to prove something,” Sibbett says.

Consistency and clarity in communication is key to maintaining a harmonious and honest team that thrives on transparency, as Sibbet opens up about a breach of trust and navigating difficult conversations.

#WomenSupportingWomen: Building trust and navigating difficult conversations with Kate Sibbett

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