#WomenSupportingWomen: Tough love or bullying?

Serene Law and Jagdish Sandhu of Frozen Lime Asia addresses the elephant in the room. Is bullying accepted in leadership and managerial roles? Systematic bullying is often being laughed off as a joke, but what can we do to help other women speak up and mitigate the sometimes confrontational conversation?

Law and Sandhu share with us some of their appalling experiences during their time as hoteliers, why people are afraid of speaking up, and how to draw the line between tough love and bullying.

Law also points out some of the clear tell-tale signs that may constitute indirect workplace bullying, and shares steps that can be taken to eliminate fear and encourage open communication.  

In a cross-generational work environment, Sandhu says that leaders “have to be very culturally and socially aware of the impact that words can have and the power play on other’s mindset, motivation and courage to be able to speak up”.

With power comes responsibility, and we have to really reflect on the ripple effects of our words and actions. Catch more of the conversation in the video below.

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