GainingEdge introduces industry recovery support services

Over the past few months, GainingEdge, a consultancy firm that exclusively advises the convention and meetings industry, held knowledge exchange discussions with hundreds of convention bureau, convention centre and industry professionals, as well as hosted free individual advisory clinics with 25 convention bureaux around the world.

Based on feedback from these sessions, they are now offering the following five new cost-effective and time-friendly services designed to help in the recovery.

Online professional assessment

This builds your team’s capacity and focus during this down-time to help ensure a faster recovery in the up-time. Extensive on-site training and coaching programmes are available online. They are offered in modular sessions with interactive components to maximise the learning experience.

Subvention advice

Be more competitive and increase your future business with a programme that is better financed and more impactful. GainingEdge can help you with new subvention (incentive) stimulus programmes or review existing programmes to ensure they are fit for purpose in the new evolving market landscape.

Organisation reset

Defining your new normal instead of being defined by it is the path to stability and progress. RESET is a cost-effective way to determine adjustments necessary to move forward with decreased resources, impacted strategies, and disrupted systems.

Association assessment

Challenges also offer opportunities; find them while building back a better future. Their assessment tool enables associations to plan for innovation and transformation by examining performance on key organisation capacity factors.

Smarter bidding

Do you know all the associations that have board members who are leaders from your community? GainingEdge can help secure more business through improved bids based on better targeting and finding the inside track.

Featured image by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash