#WomenSupportingWomen: Strength in vulnerability

Society has taught us that vulnerability is synonymous with weakness, but what is more courageous than acknowledging your current situation, taking responsibility of your emotions and asking for help? What is braver and more emotionally intelligent than leveraging one’s “woundedness” into genuine connections and being your true self?

In this episode of BEA CONVERSATIONS, we speak with Gaynor Reid, Vice President of Communications & CSR, Asia Pacific for Accor. She shares with us what she has learnt through this difficult period and how to overcome the stereotyped notion of vulnerability in the corporate world. She offers advice on communicating vulnerability in life and in the workplace across cultures.

Trusting that she was in a safe work environment, Reid said, “It dawned on me that vulnerability is a strength. It is okay to say, ‘I’m struggling right now, I’m not doing well.’ And I think we’ve all felt that way through this crisis.”

Watch the below video for the full conversation.

Gaynor Reid shares with us what she has learnt through this difficult period.

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