Destination highlight: Free your mind in Thailand

Three event organisers from Australia, India and Japan reminisce and share case studies of their time in Thailand.

From peaceful and carefree moments on stunning beaches to the spirit-lifting wellness and serene nature of Thailand, it is no wonder why this Southeast Asian gem of a country stands out from the rest.

During this difficult time when destinations can be forgiven for not investing in efforts to engage the international audience, Thailand ensures that it remains on the forefront of event planners’ minds when borders finally reopen.

Inspired by the positive psychological impact of travel, the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) created a new video campaign in hopes of sparking creativity and innovation by freeing the mind.

In the below video, Melissa Squire, Group Account Director at Cievents share why the beaches in Thailand created some really special memories during the time she was there with her incentive groups.

Dudley Drego, Executive Vice President of Fountainhead Corporate Journeys offers his knowledge on the plethora of wellness options in Thailand, while Kosuke Mizoguchi, Senior Manager – Incentive Business Department at Japan Gray Line Co., Ltd tells us how he finds himself discovering a new Thailand with each visit.

Whether it is having a nature walk, observing sunrise at the beach or enjoying a wellness activity, three international buyers share their special moments in Thailand.

Redesigning event experiences and business models through uncertainty calls for bravery, ingenuity and investment. Even if it seems as though no one has definitive answers to what our future might bring, we can collectively agree that the right content and meaningful engagement strategy can drive the new future of meetings and incentives.