#WomenSupportingWomen: Supporting women in Asia

In most Asian cultures, the social pressure to conform is enormous. Being hierarchical and collectivistic, as opposed to individualistic, these cultures value conformity above individuality. For women, in particular, there are many unwritten rules: They need to look a certain way, study in specific fields, marry a particular type of person and by a certain age.

In this episode of BEA CONVERSATIONS, we speak with Bibiana Lau, Senior Director, Sales at Suntec Singapore. She elaborates on the cultural pressures and challenges that women in Asia face, what support means to women in Asia, and the ways that she grounds herself to maintain physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. “I respect the individual needs and wants of a woman, but there is always a purpose that you have to hold on to,” Lau says.

When asked about the advice she would give about surviving the current management landscape, Lau shared four attributes that she finds vital: an inclusive environment that empowers, practices empathy and compassion, and provides a platform where both formal and informal mentoring are available.

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Bibiana Lau, Senior Director, Sales at Suntec Singapore on supporting women in Asia.

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