FOOD TRIBES: SAYGRACE SG shares their journey

In this episode of BEA CONVERSATIONS, we speak with Mandylyn Bow and Edmund Quek, founders of SAYGRACE SG, a home-based bakery specialising only in chocolate chip cookies. This video is part of BEA’s FOOD TRIBES series, which was founded on the belief that meaningful connections are forged around the dining experience – a key component in corporate events.

Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, furloughs and retrenchment became commonplace, and the couple had to come up with ways to supplement lost income quickly. They share their inspiring story on how the business began during the Covid-19 circuit breaker in Singapore and the humbling yet exciting journey they are on, including partnerships with an animal shelter and other local businesses to bring greater value for their customers.

While business plans matter, it is just as important to stick to the core belief of its impact and purpose. During the last few months of getting the bakery business to where it is today (they’ve sold more than 10,000 cookies since June 2020), Mandy says, “Instead of focusing on the negative, there’s so much more than will take us further than hold us back.”

SAYGRACE SG shares their journey.

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