Why social distancing measures at events are so important

As more countries and cities gear up to welcome back business events, the biggest problem many countries are currently facing with respect to the coronavirus is, strictly speaking, a mathematical one: exponential growth. Event organises will do well to be reminded to the fact that because SARS-CoV-2 is a new type of coronavirus, there is no herd immunity, meaning that everybody is susceptible to infection and the virus is likely to spread exponentially.

While experts are agreeing that the spread of COVID-19 cannot be stopped, it can be slowed down significantly by measures currently summed up under the term “social distancing”.

By limiting human contact, we can reduce the transmission rate significantly, which in turn increases the time it takes for cases to double. Thanks to the nature of exponential functions, such measures can have a huge effect on the total number of cases after a given time.

To illustrate the effectiveness of social distancing measures and the importance of policy measures to slow down the exponential spread of a virus, Statista provided the above chart based on simple assumptions of the differences when measures are put in place.