Mental Fitness to Leadership series: Managing stress during unprecedented times

A healthy amount of stress at work can put enough pressure to get things done. For Elaine Lau, Managing Director of La Global Travel, stress from work demands are what spurs her. They are what challenge her, keep her on her toes and overcome situations as an event planner.

However, during these tough times, one of the top stresses among industry professionals is survival; ensuring continuity of the company and the industry. Despite her positive outlook on the return of business events, Lau describes the challenges and stresses leaders face and how she mitigates them while maintaining realism.

“Dwelling on stress during scenarios I have no control over is very counterproductive,” says Lau. “If we let stress get the better of us, it’s really hard to see the silver lining in difficult situations.”

Lau also talks to us about the La Global Gives Back charity project series that started in June 2020 to help retrenched and low-income families, why they are doing it, and the impact it has on the team members.

Managing stress during unprecedented times with Elaine Lau.

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