Mental Fitness to Leadership: Martin Sirk on headspace and intellectual capital

Traditional business strategies went out of the window when the pandemic hit. Since then, Martin Sirk, owner of strategic consultancy Sirk Serendipity, has been writing about uncertainty in the international associations and business events sectors.

He draws from his experience of running his own company and organisations that span across a hundred countries and six regional offices in the past to talk about carving out time and space to think and allow creativity to flow.

“The most creative association leaders I’ve spoken to have almost universally been talking to me about how they expand their intellectual capital that can be brought into their events and community… Now there’s a clear understanding that if they don’t harness that brain power, if they don’t somehow use the resources that are within those innovative companies to make themselves even more innovative, they will fail to grow as fast as they could.”

In this online conversation, we also find out Sirk’s thoughts on challenges facing leaders and the type of mental fitness required. He says designing circular communication processes is just as crucial as having an understanding of risks to prevent being paralysed by them. Sirk explains the difference between existential risks and day-to-day risks and embracing the need for experimentation during tough times.

As the competitive landscape narrows, how do professionals balance protecting their intellectual property and sharing ideas that would benefit the industry? Find out from the conversation in the video below.

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