According to the 2018 Global Economy Significance of Business Events Study by Events Industry Council, the business events industry injects US$1.5 trillion into the global economy.

The BEA COMMUNITY consists of over 15,000 subscribers – primarily a mix of senior leaders in the corporate sector, event marketing buyers, convention bureaux, destination and event management agencies, venue operators, hoteliers, association executives and a diverse group of independent event professionals and service providers.

Our community is dealing with broken business models and loss of employment. Although we currently don’t have enough visibility of how COVID-19 has altered our demographic, what we know for sure is that the BEA COMMUNITY wants to stay connected.

While our community waits for some certainty to return to our lives, TEAM BEA and the BEA INFLUENCERS will keep the conversations going. BEA now focuses on sharing information, not just the ones we produce, that could help you gain transferrable skillsets. Please let us know what content interests you, how you consume information, in what format and through which channels. We strive to tailor our content to your needs as best we can.

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