THE BEATITUDE is our culture at BEA.

BEATITUDE is the feeling of happiness and joy when we work as a team.

To be kind and help others through trying times. To be inclusive because we are all human. To be trustworthy and treat people with respect. To be politely firm yet fair when aligning differences in opinion. To be accountable for our actions. To be accomplished and to remain humble.


EL KWANG | founder + chief explorer

El is a content strategist and immersive experience designer who has over 20 years of experience in the hospitality and business event industries.

He has a passion for connecting dynamic professionals from different disciplines to explore collaboration opportunities.

Recognised as the ‘ideas man’ by his global networks, El loves discovering new ways of facilitating engaging conversations. 

KIAT CHUA | co-founder + head of visual productions

Kiat is a creative head who produces engaging visual experiences through his love for photography and videography. 

He is obsessed with listening to customers’ needs and notices the things that matter to their success. Kiat’s calm demeanour and humour on the job often places interviewees at ease so that they can be their best in front of his camera. 

Known as the ‘glue’ of the team, Kiat keeps everyone in check. 

MICHELLE LIM | director of solutions

Michelle is a hospitality veteran. After spending nearly two decades in hotel front office operations, Michelle was successful in transferring her customer service expertise across different industries.

She joined Biz Events Asia in 2012 to manage key accounts for the company.

Known as the ‘mother goose’ of the team, Michelle is known for her patience, sincerity and humanity. 

GINA SIN | director of content operations

Gina is an achiever, and she prefers proving her achievements through actions. Customers appreciate her passion for supporting their success through service excellence. 

She double-hats as a senior writer for the company and is always ready to take on new challenges that would broaden her capabilities. 

Known as the ‘foodie’ of the team, she is the first to try the latest dishes in town.