We responded to COVID-19 since January. We asked for permission to pause and rested our minds in the month of May.

We spoke to people and reflected on where we can do better. We explored what information could help people, and now that we discovered answers, we are ready to step out and see what the future will bring.

We are ready to bring a different brand experience to the BEA COMMUNITY.

So, what is the new BEA?

The new BEA is a brand about people; people in business, people in the business of events, people in the business of service.

We know there are peer-to-peer learning when people help one another. We see innovation when different industries interconnect.

People forge their future using intuition, information and imagination. We believe that the future is what we make of it.

BEA is not media, but a medium for people to share their opinions and visions; big and small.

Our BEA INFLUENCERS are an esteemed group of business leaders and innovators from various disciplines. They will help us generate content and keep the conversations alive.

The new BEA focuses on sharing information, not just the ones we produce. We hope that this information can help you generate transferrable skillsets.

We want to know how you consume information, what concerns and inspires you.

The new BEA brand experience motivates people to BE their best, to embrace THE BEATITUDE.

BE A collaborator, BE A designer or BE A producer. In our community, you can BE you.

BEA inspires conversations.

Welcome to the new BEA.

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